How It Works

Being in control of your money is a journey, and we’re here to help you.
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Fill out our simple application form to see if you’re eligible for our debt consolidation loan. We typically require a credit score of at least 600, and we can provide loans up to $25,000.
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If you're eligible, here's what happens next.

1. Simplify
We start by simplifying all your debt into one easy payment. This makes your debt easier to track and control.
One payment date
One monthly payment
One interest rate
2. Roadmap
Then, we’ll you give you a personalized roadmap to help you achieve improved financial well-being.
Pay Parachute loan on time
Keep your credit utilization low
Pay all other bills on time
Don’t take new debt
3. Rewards
And finally, we reward you for following our guide to healthy financial behaviour.*
Earn cash-back
Win weekly & monthly rewards
Improve your credit score
Feel in control of your finances
*Rewards are available through the achievement of specified actions and are only applicable to approved loans that are active for the entire term. Terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Learn more.

You deserve financial well-being.

We work with customers to put them on the right path and reward them for achieving monthly financial goals. The more our customers succeed, the more they’re rewarded. Our goal is financial well-being for everyone.
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Start your path to financial well-being today.
Get a loan that gives you cash-back.

We truly believe financial well-being should be accessible to all Canadians. Our three step program empowers, educates, and rewards our customers. We offer the only loan where someone can leave with more savings than when they started.

Parachute is not a a bankruptcy, consumer proposal or debt management proposal company.
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