Rebuild your members' financial well-being with Parachute.

We’ll consolidate your members' high-interest rate debt into one lower monthly payment and engage them in our financial well-being program that builds better money habits.

Your members can:

Check-in on how they're doing

To improve, we must know where we’ve been. Each month members are asked to assess their progress toward their financial goals.

Set simple plans for improvement

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Each month members set easy intentional plans to meet their financial goals.

Get smarter every month

The law of 1% improvement shows that tiny improvements really add up over time. Each month members get micro-learning quizzes to improve their financial literacy.

Why partner with Parachute?

"Powered by Parachute" makes it easy

Our white labeled platform means your members get your branding.

Help struggling members

No one likes to say no to a member in need. Our financial model enables more approvals with no additional risk to your bottom line.

Improve members' financial wellbeing

Our financial well-being features are created with behavioural scientists to create lasting behaviour change.

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Meet Bruce Hodges

Parachute Founder and CEO

The Financial Recovery Platform

Parachute is the only financial institution that provides loan refinancing while also giving you immediate and significant financial advantages.
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5 Star Rating from Real Customers

You can earn & save over $20,000!

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No impact to your credit score!

$25,000 loan over 60 months

Avg Interest Rate
Bi-Weekly Payment
Financial Wellness
Tracking Dashboard
Gift Certificates
Financial Coaching
Total Benefit
Term (60 month) Financial Benefit
Other Loans
39.99% - 46.99%
$444 - $497
$9,880 - $16,779

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Words from our members.

Discover how we’ve transformed the lives of our valued members. Hear their stories of financial empowerment and join them on the journey to a debt-free future.
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No impact to your credit score!
"At Parachute you get empathy and good information. Parachute wants you to do well. The rewards program is like the cherry on top. It gives you another goal to work towards. It really helps you keep your eye on the prize."
Christa, Guelph, ON
"Having a custom dashboard I can log into with all my data in one place helps me to make good choices and see where I can improve. For someone looking to really improve their financial future and gain the independence to make better choices, I highly recommend parachute."
Paul, Toronto, ON
"Parachute has the best customer care and high levels of human compassion for people's lives. Parachute is a good place to be; the service and compassion cannot be matched. I'll leave it at that."
JM, Toronto, ON

We truly believe financial well-being should be accessible to all Canadians. Our three step program empowers, educates, and rewards our customers. We offer the only loan where someone can leave with more savings than when they started.

Parachute is not a a bankruptcy, consumer proposal or debt management proposal company.
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